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Samedi 6 novembre 13h30

In 2014 Dutch Hera van Willick quit her job, sold her belongings and ventured out into the world on her bicycle.She travelled through Europe, Asia, North and central America, being a guest with countless people and overnighting in nature, temples, baseball field dugouts, fire stations and more.After two long tours she came home with panniers filled with stories andpockets full of insights.Her story is one of exploration; the world, life and herself.The short film PEDAL tells the core of her story, on which she will elaborate during her presentation mixing exciting and touching anekdotes with insights she gained along the way.

Film : 30 min ​(en anglais)

Hera Van Willick

Hera rode in 43 countries through mountains, deserts, rain forests, jungles, arctic. "Sometimes it breaks me, but mostly it makes me, it makes me feel alive , it makes me who I am !"

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